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(2020/10/08) MinimServer 2 has replaced MinimServer 0.8 on all platforms

For descriptions and pricing of the various license options, see the Purchase license page.

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Important note: Before you purchase a MinimServer license, make sure MinimServer supports the device you will use to run it (see 'Availability' on this page). The best way to do this is to download MinimServer 2 Starter Edition from this page and install it on your device. When this is installed and running, you can purchase and activate a full license to enable additional features or you can take a free 30-day trial of all the features that the full license provides. For more information, see this page.

To purchase, upgrade or extend a MinimServer 2 full license, enter the information requested below and click the Continue button. If you are upgrading or extending a license, you will be prompted to enter your license code. To cancel this transaction, click Cancel.

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